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Product CodeDescriptionSize
Width & Drop
AEV000009Standard White Curtain 2m wide 2x2m
AEV000010Optional White Curtain 2.4m wide 2.4x2m


CodesDescriptionDimensions Colour
LR980L Shape Curtain Rail 980 x 980mm White
LR1190L Shape Curtain Rail 1190 x 790mm White
LR1290L Shape Curtain Rail 1290 x 790mm White
LR1390L Shape Curtain Rail 1390 x 890mm White
LR1200L Shape Curtain Rail 1200 x 1200mm White
LR1820L Shape Curtain Rail 1820 x 850mm White
UR880U Shape Curtain Rail 980 x 880 x 980mm White
UR1070U Shape Curtain Rai 790 x 1070 x 790mm White
UR1200U Shape Curtain Rail 800 x 1200 x 800mm White
UR1400U Shape Curtain Rail 835 x 1315 x 835mm White
UR1500U Shape Curtain Rail 735 x 1415 x 735mm White
SR36Straight Curtain Rail 914mm White
SR48Straight Curtain Rail 1219mm White
SR72Straight Curtain Rail 1829mm White
SR96Straight Curtain Rail 2438mm White

If a standard curtain rail configuration or size is not suitable we also offer made to measure curtain rails.