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Essence® Customised Doors

We can make almost any custom half-height door configuration required, fixed panels can be half-height or full-height. Choose the number of panels that you require and just let us know the configuration and size that you require. You will find the codes below each thumbnail.

1 panel

1 half height panel

Code: CD0001ES

1 Full height panel

1 full height panel

Code: CDF001ES

2 half height panels

2 half height panels

Code: CD0002ES

2 full height panels

1 full height
& 1 half height panel

Code: CDF002ES

3 half height panels

3 half height panels

Code: CD0003ES

3 Full height

1 full height panel
& 2 half height panels

Code: CDF003ES


4 half height panels

Code: CD0004ES

4 half height panels

1 full height
& 3 half height panels

Code: CDF004ES

5 panel half

5 half height panels

Code: CD0005ES

5 panels

1 full height panel
& 4 half height panels

Code: CDF005ES