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Portable Doors

Portable Doors

Evolution® Portable Doors

Designed purposely as a water splash protector to keep the carer or a parent with a child dry during assisted showering. Easa Portable Doors can be folded for easy storage when not in use, are lightweight and suitable for travelling.

  • Can be used with any Easa Dek or Tray.
  • Folds easily for storage when not in use.
  • Handles included for ease of carrying.
  • Keeps carer or parent with child dry during showering.
  • Lightweight (24 lb/11 kg) and portable, suited for travelling.
  • Available in Chrome frost or White frost finish.
  • Available in 2 panel 750x750mm, 3 panel 500x1000x500mm or 4 panel 500x500x500x500mm, height 800mm.
  • Special configurations available on request.


Product Code Description Size
EVPS002FC 2-Panel Portable Door - Chrome 750x750mm
EVPS002FW 2-Panel Portable Door - White 750x750mm
EVPS001FC 3-Panel Portable Door - Chrome 500x1000x500mm
EVPS001FW 3-Panel Portable Door - White500x1000x500mm
EVPS003FC 4-Panel Portable Door - Chrome 500x500x500x500mm
EVPS003FW4-Panel Portable Door - White 500x500x500x500mm