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Option V6 L/R

Product CodeLength of trayLength of DoorFinish
EVC12004 L/R1200 x 7001185 x 685Chrome/Clear
EVC12006 L/R1200 x 7001185 x 685Chrome/Frost
EVC12005 L/R1200 x 7001185 x 685White/Frost
EVC726001 L/R1220 x 7201205 x 705Chrome/Clear
EVC726003 L/R1220 x 7201205 x 705Chrome/Frost
EVC726002 L/R1220 x 7201205 x 705White/Frost
EVC130006 L/R1300 x 7001285 x 685Chrome/Frost
EVC130005 L/R1300 x 7001285 x 685White/Frost
EVC14006 L/R1400 x 7001385 x 685Chrome/Frost
EVC14005 L/R1400 x 7001385 x 685White/Frost