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Waterproofing / Tanking Kit

This flexible, anti-fracture membrane is a must where waterproofing for internal floors and walls is required.

The tanking kit includes fast drying flexible liquid membrane for interior waterproofing and polyester reinforced flexible tape for the flexible sealing and waterproofing of internal and external expansion joints.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.52.44The kit includes:
1 x 5kg of liquid gum
1 x 10m length of flexible tape
1 x 0.5kg primer
Extra items are available


Waterproofing / Flexible shower seal

This is a professional, waterproofing solution applied to the wall facing sides of shower tray prior to installation.

This self-adhesive roll of flexible shower seal is a simple, cost effective, preventative solution to the age old problem of leaks around showers caused by shrinkage and settlement, eliminating costly repairs and disruption. Simple to install, no mess, takes only minutes, without the need for any tools and with no cure time it can be tiled over immediately.

Supplied in 3m rolls.