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The Access™ Tray

The Access™ Tray has been designed with all the family in mind and is a perfect solution for bath replacements.Trays can be recessed to offer barrier free (0mm) access to the showering area, or surface mounted (40mm) for a low level access threshold.



The Access Tray is available in 13 different sizes:

900 x 900mm, 1000 x 700mm, 1000 x 800mm, 1000 x 1000mm, 1200 x 700mm,
1200 x 800mm, 1200 x 900mm, 1300 x 700mm, 1400 x 800mm, 1600 x 700mm,
1700 x 700mm, 1800 x 800mm, 1800 x 900mm.