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Essence® & Elegance™ Shower Cubicles

Our shower cubicles are self-contained enclosed units and can be installed in an upstairs or downstairs room. Ideal for those who need to have their bathing solution nearby.

  • Simple to Install, includes full instructions and fittings.
  • Does not require any tiling and only requires the services to be connected.
  • Is surrounded on either 2 or 3 sides, and has a large choice of full or half height, corner entry or saloon doors.
  • Cubicle can be installed as a permanent fixture or relocated easily in any room either upstairs or downstairs.
  • Half height door version comes with curtain rail and curtain and all 3 sided cubicles have a full width grab bar.
  • Optional extras include a roof and ramps for assisted Wheeled Shower Chair access.
  • Maximum height of the cubicle is 2050mm (Base 32mm / 40mm).
  • Base 32mm / 40mm: Choice of waste 50mm or 90mm Ø inlet / 1½” Ø outlet or a pump waste (will require our waste pump).
  • Base weight capacity 380 kg / 60 stone (Bariatric). Access base 275 kg / 43 stone.



Tile Effect Water Proof Wall Options

Tiling Options

Tile effect panels are double-faced with a 23.5 x23.5mm small gloss tile on one side, and a 47x 47mm matt tile on the reverse.