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Why half-height doors?

Designed in response to the needs of those who require assistance when showering.

Half-height doors are ideal for allowing support, whether a professional or a family member, to assist when showering while protecting against splashes and allowing easy access to the shower head and mixer. Easa Half-height shower doors can be installed onto a shower tray or Wetroom floor.

Our half-height doors incorporate handles in a contrasting colour for those with impaired vision. They are available with virtually unbreakable, frosted polycarbonate panels which provide a non-reflective surface to avoid confusion for the person living with a loss of mobility. The rise and fall, bidirectional hinges on our half-height doors make them easy to open and close. They are designed to hold the door in the open position for a safe transfer out of the showering area.

The person living with a loss of mobility and whoever offers support can therefore benefit from a safe, comfortable and functional shower.