Shower Doors

Elegance™ Customised Doors

How to order the doors you require:

  1. Is the installation in a corner or alcove?
  2. Choose your desired configuration for each side or if only one side is required choose the configuration for that side.

3. To confirm your order please provide a drawing showing the following information:

  • Configuration of the doors (corner or alcove) which will show whether they are left or right hand
  • Location of the walls
  • Dimensions of the shower area
  • Dimensions for the widths of the shower panels and dimensions for the heights if non-standard



  • Other door configurations available include doors hinged 90º from fixed panels and L-shaped fixed panels
  • Doors can be supplied without magnets e.g. standalone doors and panels
  • Ergonomic handle for L4, L5, L6, L8 configurations
  • Translucent glass

Ergonomic handle for L4, L5, L6, L8 configurations
Product Code: EHDL1000

Translucent glass

The maximum width of any hinged door section is 1000mm.
Fixed panels wider than 1000mm will be supplied in 2 parts.