Shower Trays

Access Pumped Technical Highlights

Access™ Pumped Highlights

  • Ideal for unbreachable floors, tray and pipework installed above floor.
  • Uniquely designed for installation with a shower waste pump.
  • Supplied with easy to fit Ø15mm pushfit pipe fittings.
  • Side or end exit pipework for drawing water upwards or to the side.
  • Easily removable water outlet cover for effortless cleaning.
  • Universal design for users with reduced mobility as well as all the family.
  • Multi-functional tray – range of adaptors available.
  • Surface mounted (40mm) for a low level access threshold.
  • Can be installed in a corner or an alcove.
  • Tiling Upstands are available to provide enhanced waterproofing protection.
  • Non-handed.
  • Tray surface texture assists in preventing accidental slipping. The wet and dry slip resistance has been independently tested.

Standard Pump

  • The original automatic shower drain kit with proven reliability and low speed pump settings.
  • Adjustable pump speed settings to suit electric showers (1 flow switch) and mixer showers (2 flow switches).
  • High performance, draws 3m and lifts 0.5m from gulley, pumps up 1m.
  • Modern compact aesthetics ensure that the kit blends in subtly to any bathroom.
  • Kit includes 1 flow switch (Mixer shower please request extra flow switch).

If a pump is required it should be ordered at the same time as the shower tray.