Shower Trays

Access™ Tray Accessories

Tiling Upstand

(provided on request)

The Tiling Upstand* is provided on request with all Access™ Trays and provides a waterproof barrier between the tray and the walls. The Tiling Upstand is securely attached to the tray with supplied stainless steel screws. Please request 1 additional Tiling Upstand when ordering a tray and door for alcove installations.

* Tiling Upstands supplied to provide enhanced waterproofing protection. Tiling Upstands are not visible after installation.

Corner Ramp (Optional)

Straight Ramp (Optional)

This ramp is used where the user requires easy access into the tray. The ramp is removable or can be permanently fixed. It has a very gentle 1 in 4 gradient for ease of entry. The ramp can be attached by an easy overlapping clip mechanism allowing it to be lifted off at any time.