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Standard Pump

Features & Benefits

The original automatic shower drain kit with proven reliability and low speed pump settings.

  • Adjustable pump speed settings to suit Electric (1 flow switch) and Mixer (2 flow switches) showers
  • High performance, draws 3m and lifts 0.5m from gulley, pumps up 1m
  • Modern compact aesthetics ensure that the kit blends in subtly to any bathroom.
  • Kit includes 1 flow switch (Mixer shower please request extra flow switch).
  • Kit includes 50mm Ø inlet pump waste. 

Digital Instant Match Pump

Features & Benefits

The Digital Instant Match Pump uses a digital signal sent from the Electric shower* to automatically adjust the pump speed in relation to the flow rate of the shower.

  • Variable pump speed tracks the flow rate of the Electric shower.
  • No flow sensor(s) to fit.
  • Kit includes 50mm Ø inlet pump waste and vinyl wet room pump waste.

* Electric shower must have drain pump connectivity feature

Digital Pump

Digital Pump

Features & Benefits

The Digital Smoothflow Kit is designed to minimise gulley suction noise by precisely matching the pump flow rate to the shower flow rate.

  • Variable pump speed – commissioned to each specific installation.
  • Variable speed ensures quiet system operation.
  • Kit includes 1 flow sensor (Mixer shower please request extra flow sensor).
  • Kit includes 50mm Ø inlet pump waste.


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Product CodeDescription
SP0000001Standard Pump
SPSK000001Flow Switch
SP0000005Digital Instant Match Pump
SP0000002Digital Pump
SPSK000002Flow Sensor